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Camp Overview​

Day 1: Hike & Rock Climb at Grapefruit Rocks

Day 2: Hike & Rappel at Angel Rocks

Day 3: Backpacking Essentials at Wickersham Dome

Day 4: Navigation Skills at Ester Dome

Day 5: Water Day at Harding Lake **

Participant to Trip Leader Ratio: Less than 5:1

Participant Limit: 9

No Experience Required


Date: June 5th-9th; 8am-5:30pm

Price: $500 per person. Contact us for sibling discounts. 

Age: 12-17

We are a vendor for various homeschool programs. Contact us for more information!

*Price includes: Transportation to trip destination, highly certified trip leaders, program shirt, and W.I.L.D.'s equipment.

** Trip Order Subject to Change Due to Weather.

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