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Wilderness First Aid
Ages: 12-17


Develop lifelong outdoor leadership skills, confidence, and courage in our wilderness first aid course. During this course we will discuss how awesome the human body is at functioning and taking care of itself when we get injured in various ways. Some of the topics we will delve into involve anatomy and physiology, psychology in an emergency situation, wound care, and splinting. We will experiment with different aspects of wilderness first aid. Examples being how to conduct a physical exam, including taking vitals, how to splint a fractured tibia with only backpacking equipment, or how to properly clean and dress a wound while out in the field. This course is meant to be an introduction into the aspects of wilderness first aid and does NOT lead to any certificationThis course is designed for youth to gain more experience and exposure to what can happen as we recreate outdoors. 

*Price includes: Highly certified trip leaders, and W.I.L.D.'s equipment. Lunch and snacks not included. 

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