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All Day Trips Include

Participant Limit:

Participant to Trip Leader ratio: Less than 5:1
Prices (listed separately) include: Transportation to trip locations, highly certified trip leaders, program shirt, use of W.I.L.D. equipment, and 1% net profit going toward our youth outdoor education scholarships.

Angel Rocks3.JPG

Angel Rocks
Hike, Climb, & Rappel

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Hike alongside the north fork of the Chena River only to quickly ramp it up in elevation gain. Overlooking the valley below, put your harness on because we're going on rappel.


Grapefruit Rocks
Rock Climbing

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Hike with us to our favorite  local climbing area and learn the ropes of what it means to rock climb. Careful, you might just fall in love with the sport!


Gulkana Glacier Hike

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Ever wanted to walk on a glacier? Now's your chance! Join us as we strap on our crampons to explore the Gulkana Glacier in the mountainous terrain of the Delta Range.

Beautiful Landscape



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