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Typical Day Trip/Course Schedule

Meet in Fairbanks (most likely either the Chena Pump Plaza or the Chena State Recreation Area) and check in. Here, you’ll meet your highly certified trip leader and depending on the trip be outfitted with the proper gear here or in the field.

Once outfitted with gear and waivers filled out, our trip leader will drive you to the trip's destination.

Your trip leader will instruct the necessary aspects of the activity you are about to engage in (ie. how to top-rope belay for our Grapefruit Rocks Day Trip, how to build an anchor for our Intro to Outdoor Climbing course, etc). From there, you will get hands-on practice of the activity for the remainder of the day and eat the provided lunch and snacks during this time.

As the session winds down, your trip leader will start preparing to get you back to the car. From there, your trip leader will drive you back to Fairbanks.

After dropping off the gear and saying farewell to your trip leader, you’ll be free to go! 

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